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Developing relationships worldwide that demonstrate the love of Jesus in action

The Walla Walla Good Samaritan Ministries partners with the GSM centers in Nigeria.  Our work in Nigeria is locally developed and run, primarily focusing on counseling and leadership training along with student sponsorship programs.   GSM Nigeria works in two primary locations:  Port Harcourt and Lagos.   Port Harcourt is the location of the national headquarter and the West African Samaritan Training Center.  Altogether 34 GSM Centers operate in Nigeria. 

Donations along with our annual Harambee and Pancake Feed provide financial support for our Nigeria Satellite. 



The Roots 
 The original call of our founder Bettie Mitchell was to "teach nothing but the Kingdom of God." This is the foundation and framework that all of our services flow from.  It grounds us and determines the direction we grow. 

Counseling & Training
The outgrowth of our foundation and the prime directive of GSM is training people to be counselors and offering counseling to the broken. All of the centers around the globe offer counseling to anyone who comes.

From the beginning of the work in Africa, it was clear that personal development included developing families and communities.  The most obvious starting point for transformation in families was education.  Education is the single greatest pathway to personal advancement and empowerment in the developing countries.  Many countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia run schools through GSM. We pay teacher salaries and offer education to orphans, often feeding chldren one more meal than they have access to without school.  We also sponsor students in state-operated schools through university level. 

 Community Development 
Most communities in developing countries operate in systems of interdependence.  Therefore the community benefits greatly when individuals are given opportunities for success.  each National Director of GSM is given the freedom within their work to determine the greates needs for the communities they serve.  For some countries this has included Addiction recovery such as in the West Bank of Palestine where our Smaritans run a very successful drug and alcohol recovery center.  For other countries they have started clean water projects, community gardens tended by local widows, pig and chicken farms where products are sold at local markets, and elderly care visitation programs. All centers are encouraged to take care of widows and orphans as directed by our model, Jesus Christ.

Finally, the end of all of our projects and work in each country is that lives are transformed- and those people in turn participate in the healing and transformation of others. At the most fundamental level, we believe that all healing comes from God, and we are submitted to His process for each person and in each country.  We are constantly in the process of empowering, equipping, partnering, and praying with people around the world for the establishment of the Kingdom of God in all of us.