"A Samaritan traveler who came upn the victim was moved with compassion. He went and bandaged his wounds and lifted him to his own mount, carrying him to the inn."      Luke 10:25-37


Our Roots

In 1976, founder, Bettie Mitchell, received a call to "teach nothing but the kingdom of God," while visiting the ancient city of Ninivah. Soon after, she quit her teaching job and began counseling in her small home located in Beaverton, Oregon. Over the past forty years Good Samaritan Ministries has grown into an international ministry with centers in 24 countries.

Our Staff

Cathy Scott has served 18 years as a lay counselor and director at the Walla Walla Good Samaritan Ministries Center.

We are fully staffed by volunteers; all of our counselors, both licensed and lay, have completed a comprehensive GSM training program. We are fully funded through donations and the gifts of those who join with us in demonstrating the Love of Jesus in action. We are fully funded through donations and the gifts of those who join with us in demonstrating the Love of Jesus in action.  

Our Statement of Faith 
We believe in a relationship with the One and only God who is the creator and father of all mankind.

We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

  We believe in the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the absolute responsibility of every Christian to act justly, to love his neighbor as himself and to walk humbly before God and his fellow man.

Our Promise 
Unconditional, Relentless love
Individuality and equality
Life-long development
Global community
Accountablility & responsibility
Judgement drops at the door.


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